MOT Preparation

We are able to carry out a pre-mot inspection of your vehice and convey to a local Test Centre on your behalf.

The work required to a vehicle for an MOT can vary greatly on the vehicle's age, mileage, condition and many other attributes which can be unseen by you the driver. All Mot's are carried out to a high standard via the VOSA requirements.

An MOT Test

The MOT is a complete list of the checks your vehicle will undergo during its MOT Test. While undertaking the checks under each component, the Tester will carry out the checks in a specific sequence designed to save time, Testing all under-vehicle items or under-bonnet items at the same time for example.

Bear in mind that a Tester may not fail an item if it is within the limits set by VOSA – if it is dangerously close to failing but still within limits the Tester must still pass it, but may give the vehicle an 'Advisory' notice. You are urged to take urgent notice and act on any Advisory items you may find on your certificate, for your own and other road users' safety.

The Tester may also not dismantle any parts – he therefore can not check wheel nuts for example, if the hub caps are still in place. (Remove your hub caps before the Test if you want them to be inspected as part of the Test).